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The PATIENT table contains demographic information for each patient.

Field Name Field Description
PATIENT_ID The unique primary identifier of the patient table
LHD_PATIENT_ID Patient identifier that is unique to a patient within an LHD. This identifier is not shared between LHDs and there can be two different patients with the same number or one patient with two different numbers.
LHD Name of the Local Health District that the data has come from
YEAR_OF_BIRTH The year the patient was born
INDIGENOUS_STATUS Australian Indigenous status as declared by the patient or NOK on admission
COUNTRY_OF_BIRTH The country of birth as declared by the patient or NOK on admission
SEX The sex/gender that the patient is considered to have for administration and record keeping purposes. This is typically asserted by the patient when they present to administrative users. This may not match the biological sex as determined by anatomy or genetics, or the individual's preferred identification (gender identity).
DECEASED_DT_TM The date and time of death for the person.